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Prices of licences

Every each licence is include the name of the angler. There are licences for one or two rods. Only one hook is allowed to use/rod! The „sport” licence does not include any fish to taking away as opposed to „fish” licences!

If you would like to fish in Hungary (to buy a fishing ticket), you need state angling ticket for tourists, it's an important rule in this country:
(And if you do not have a hungarian fishing license, a normal hungarian state angling ticket.)

Information about state angling ticket for tourists

The state angling ticket for tourists is an angling ticket for tourists both from home and abroad. It can be acquired for a set fee and is valid for a set time frame and authorizes angling according to the rules and regulations of fishing in waters covered by the law.

The state angling ticket for tourists costs 2 000 HUF (in 2022).

The state angling ticket for tourists is valid for 90 days after purchase and grants angling rights in a registered fish-farming area only with a valid area ticket. Only one ticket can be purchased per year per person.

More information and buy state angling ticket for tourist online: https://horgaszjegy.hu

Hungarian state angling ticket

If you have a foreign fishing license (if you have a valid anglers' ID card), you can buy normal hungarian state angling ticket on the shore of the fishing lake.

Price of fish see below.

The prices are including the VAT, we assert the price change’s right!

„Day” ticket

  • price: 4000,- HUF
  • * „Fish” Day ticket: 8000,- HUF
  • validity: 7am - 6pm

„Half Day” ticket

  • price: 3500,- HUF
  • * Half Day „Fish” ticket: 8000,- HUF
  • validity: 7am - 12am or 12am - 6pm

„Night” ticket

  • price: 5000,- HUF
  • * Night „Fish” ticket: 9000,- HUF
  • validity: 6pm - 6am

24 hours ticket

  • price: 7500,- HUF
  • * 24 hours „Fish” ticket: 10500,- HUF
  • validity: Valid from the time when you buy it!

Guests (not angling persons)

Every fishing ticket contains one guest ticket also, but every more persons have to buy an entrance ticket.

  • Price of the ticket by day: 700,- HUF
  • Price of the ticket at night: 1000,- HUF

* „Fish” licence includes 3 kg of carp or grass carp and 4 kg crucian carp.

Fishing rods are rentable: 2500,- HUF/rod/day

Fish mattress is rentable: 700,- HUF/day

You can buy baits on the coast in the fishing tackle shop.

Price of fish

You have to put the fish what you would like to take away into keeping net, or you have to release it immediately!

  • Crucian carp: 850,- HUF/kg
  • Carp: 1650,- HUF/kg

Not allowed to take away bigger fish than 3 kg, they are not for sale, so the anglers have to release them immediately!