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Fishing instructions

If you would like to fish in Hungary (to buy a fishing ticket), you need state angling ticket for tourists, it's an important rule in this country:
(And if you do not have a hungarian fishing license, a normal hungarian state angling ticket.)

Information about state angling ticket for tourists

The state angling ticket for tourists is an angling ticket for tourists both from home and abroad. It can be acquired for a set fee and is valid for a set time frame and authorizes angling according to the rules and regulations of fishing in waters covered by the law.

The state angling ticket for tourists costs 2 000 HUF (in 2022).

The state angling ticket for tourists is valid for 90 days after purchase and grants angling rights in a registered fish-farming area only with a valid area ticket. Only one ticket can be purchased per year per person.

More information and buy state angling ticket for tourist online: https://horgaszjegy.hu

Hungarian state angling ticket

If you have a foreign fishing license (if you have a valid anglers' ID card), you can buy normal hungarian state angling ticket on the shore of the fishing lake.

Fishing is allowed with observation of the following rules:

  • One person can use maximum two rods (depending on the type of ticket) with one hook per rod.
  • With one day licence only that person allowed for fishing, whose name is on the licence.
  • If the angler demage the catched fish or identify any injuries on the catched fish, it is the angler’s duty to inform the fisheries official who will attend the fish
  • The fine small-grained landing net, hook deliverer and fish mattress are required (fish mattress is rentable for 400 HUF).
  • The spinning is absolutely prohibited!
  • Required to handle every each catched fish on the most human way and immediately release those fish what the angler does not like to keep.
  • The angler has to buy after the fishing those fish, what he put in his keeping net.
  • Not allowed to change the kept fish in the keeping net later for an other one!
  • Not allowed to keep the catched tench! The angler has to release immediately that!
  • Not allowed to release the catched catfish! Please give it to the fisheries official, or buy it!
  • The camping and barbecue ( on the marked area) is allowed.
  • Please do not litter! Please collect the rubbish and put it to the bin!
  • The Sáska lake is protected by dogs, night watchman and 24 hours cameras.
  • Absolutely forbidden to drive on the embankment ( to keep the good conditions of the grass and the embankment).
  • Leave your car in the parking area, please!
  • Asolutely forbidden to go into the water of the lake!
  • Hold your dog on lead if you bring yourself!
  • For the children under age 14 they parents are responsible!
  • On field of the lake everyone can only reside on his own risk! We do not take responsibility!
  • The fisheries official has right to check the angler’s packages when they are leaving!